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Will Bitcoin Stoop to As Low As 30% in the Coming Months?

Will Bitcoin Stoop to As Low As 30% in the Coming Months?


Bitcoin price fluctuates wildly, making investors anxious about its future prospects

price Bitcoin It has been down since November. The sharp drop in the cryptocurrency’s price was caused by rumors and speculation about a certain Bitcoin ban and increased regulation, while others say it was due to the BTC cycle and the price drop was inevitable. The thing was not only BitcoinThe digital currency rollercoaster ride of 2021 continued until 2022, impacting major cryptocurrencies and losing financial assets. If we only focus on BitcoinWe will notice that there is a downward trajectory, especially since the beginning of 2022, which made the cryptocurrency hover around $40,000 and even lower. Lately, the BTC token has been striving towards gaining its lost market value and is actually slowly and successfully doing so. Around the 4th and 5th of April, its price rose around $47,000 and above, moving steadily towards the $48,000 resistance. But then, it fell again. For a short period of time, BTC was hovering around $43,000, but it kept dropping. to me coinmarketcapThe currency is currently at $39,000. This has caused investors to worry about their investments and future prospects Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Prices have seen a huge swing, with market prominence rising and falling sharply. One of the many reasons BTC is facing such downturns is due to the drop in global stocks that has been caused by continued uncertainty around the new Covid variable and high interest rates, making it more expensive to borrow money for companies. This was revealed across the entire cryptocurrency market, along with fears of further regulation. Also, concerns about rising US interest rates and China’s ongoing crackdown on digital assets played a big role. Not long after, when the price of BTC rose, analysts estimated that this was mainly due to the Biden government’s executive order, but also due to the enhanced participation of cryptocurrencies, in particular BitcoinIn the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Are downturns like this normal for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

Well, some experts believe that price swings like this are very common for volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But they still believe that Bitcoin will reach $200,000 by the end of the year. But under these circumstances, Bitcoin will need to attract another wave of investors, especially young and new investors who are willing to put their money into a volatile crypto-asset like BTC. Meanwhile, the growth of NFTs, Web 3.0 applications and decentralized finance applications has led to a significant growth of the Ethereum network, one of Bitcoin’s biggest enemies.

Bullish predictions about BTC have been made before, with the most positive claiming that the price of Bitcoin will rise in the second quarter of 2022, if not, then at least by the fourth quarter, which is the end of the year.

Is Bitcoin a worth investment?

Well, Bitcoin will always be a good investment for those who are willing to risk their money in this volatile and decentralized market. It is very difficult to predict whether or not Bitcoin will dive further since the previous predictions about the bright future of Bitcoin for the month of April have not yet come true, but Bitcoin is sure to rise ahead of all other cryptocurrencies, as it has consistently been over the past several years.

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