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Wendy’s joins the metaverse, opens a virtual reality restaurant

Wendy’s joins the metaverse, opens a virtual reality restaurant

Wendy’s took a trip to the Metaverse and opened her first virtual reality store.

The fast food chain has partnered with Meta Horizon Worlds to unveil the Wendyverse on April 2.

The Wendyverse features a VR Wendy Restaurant where players can meet friends, as well as a VR basketball court where players can shoot hoops.

It is accessible to those who have Meta Quest 2. Those who do not have Quest 2 can access the online viewer version only.


The Wendyverse opens April 2 at Horizon Worlds.Wendy Company

The “metaverse” – the concept of a shared virtual environment that is not just limited to augmented reality and virtual reality – has become very popular since the transition.

It became even more popular after Facebook changed its name to Meta, reflecting its focus on the company’s vision of creating the metaverse.

Popular restaurants, such as Chipotle and McDonald’s, are already beginning to plunge into the metaverse.

Wendy’s, which operates over 6,500 physical restaurants worldwide, will likely not be the last to enter the realm of virtual reality.

“The full vision of the metaverse may be a long way off, but brands need to start experiencing what their metaverse presence will be now,” said Vishal Shah, Vice President of Metaverse at Meta. “There are experiences like Horizon Worlds that can give people a sense of what it means to be together in an experience – it’s a great place to start.”

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