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VR Controller Lets You Feel Objects Slip Between Your Fingers

VR Controller Lets You Feel Objects Slip Between Your Fingers

Another big obstacle to making virtual worlds (No, I won’t We call it the other thingA truly realistic experience provides tactile feedback to other senses as well, such as touch. There has been a lot of research on creating VR consoles that allow users to touch and feel virtual objects as if they were real, but Spinocchio may be the The most awkward of them all.

Last year, researchers from the Interactive Graphics (and Multimedia) Laboratory of National Taiwan University and National Chengqi University revealed them hair touch control At the Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2021. strange looking drug It featured a tuft of hair that could be extended and trimmed so that when someone tried to pet a virtual cat, or interact with other furry things in virtual reality, their fingers would actually feel fur, in relation to their brains.

This was somewhat the same incentive for researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Mac Interact Lab to create a file SpinOcchio VR Controller. Instead of making virtual fur look real, the controller is designed to recreate the feeling of sliding something between your fingers. In the researchers’ own words, it has been described as “a portable tactile controller capable of displaying the thickness and sliding of a virtual object pinched between two fingers.”

To keep with that PG-13 story, let’s stick with one of the researchers’ suggested use case examples for the SpinOcchio console: virtual pottery. Making pots, vases, and other ceramics on a potter’s wheel in real life requires the artist to be able to feel the spinning in their hands in order to make it perfectly cylindrical and stable. Trying to use a potter’s wheel in VR with a pair of VR joysticks close at hand Near the same experience, but that’s the ultimate goal of VR: to recreate an experience that the user might not otherwise be able to access.

To simulate the feeling of skin slipping, as when a lump of clay slides through a potter’s hands, the SpinOcchio controller uses discs that rotate around the user’s fingers. This is supposed to create the physical sensations of an object sliding through the fingertips and synchronizing with what the user’s virtual hands are doing in the virtual reality world. This is thanks to the turntables’ ability to rotate, which also allows the controller to recreate the contours of a curvy object sliding through the user’s fingers. Consider a hypothetical Coca-Cola bottle, to stick to the researchers’ examples.

SpinOcchio console will officially appear in 2022 Human-Computer Interaction Conference which takes place in late April in New Orleans this year, but you can already access the full research paper now,”SpinOcchio: Understanding visual tactile congruence of skin glides in virtual reality using the Dynamic ControllerIf you’d like to delve into the suggested family-friendly uses by researchers for the device. but the A promotional video they created It tells a different story about why this thing exists.

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