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Virtual Social Platform Rec Room Hits 3 Million Monthly Active VR Users

Virtual Social Platform Rec Room Hits 3 Million Monthly Active VR Users

Rick’s room A social VR game that also supports non-VR devices like computers, consoles, and mobile phones, and has reached 3 million monthly active VR users, which the company says is just a fraction of its total monthly active users.

Rick’s room It has continued its impressive growth, having tripled the number of monthly active VR users in the past year.

Basic data points:
  • Rec Room peaked at 3 million monthly active VR users, up from 1 million monthly active VR users about a year ago
  • The “majority” of active VR users use Quest 2
  • Active VR players represent a “very low percentage” of the total active players, who access the game through platforms such as iOS, Android, PlayStation and Xbox

The company’s head of influencers and partners, Shaun Whiting, confirmed that The road to virtual reality That the app peaked at 3 million active VR users per month “shortly after the holidays”. While the holiday season certainly provided a boost that will likely stabilize since then, the number is three times the number of active VR users of the 1 million monthly users the company saw on holidays last year.

This is a huge growth for the game’s VR segment, but impressively, Whiting says it’s just a fraction of the game’s total monthly active users.

“We are very pleased with the growth of VR but at this point VR represents a very low percentage of our monthly players. Rick’s room Seeing more growth on iOS, Android, PlayStation and Xbox as there are billions of these devices collectively.”

Virtual Social Platform Rec Room Hits 3 Million Monthly Active VR Users
Image courtesy of Antigravity

Rick’s room It was launched in 2016 as a PC only VR title. Since then, the company has significantly expanded the platforms on which the game can be played, both in the virtual reality space and beyond, becoming available on every major headset and non-VR gaming platform (except for the Nintendo Switch). This has made it a great place for VR and non-VR players alike to come together on the shared social platform built on user-generated content that is incentivized by the in-game economy that allows creators to withdraw real money.

Among VR . users Rick’s room“The majority” are using Quest 2, Whiting says.

This is likely what has driven most of the growth in the use of virtual reality Rick’s roomConsidering that the 2021 holiday was a big moment for the headset.

It seems unlikely that the timing of the company’s announcement will coincide with Meta’s announcement only this week of testing its selling tools indoors Horizon worldscompetitor Rick’s room.

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