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Soup, sandwiches, wings: NY sets new food rules for to-go cocktails

Soup, sandwiches, wings: NY sets new food rules for to-go cocktails

If you want to order a quick cocktail from a New York bar or restaurant, you’ll have to grab some soup, a sandwich, a salad or something “big,” according to new guidelines endorsed by the state liquor authority.

The Sudan Liberation Army held an emergency meeting late Monday morning to approve new guidelines for the restaurant industry, two days after Gov. Cathy Hochhol and state lawmakers ended the $220 billion state budget that immediately allowed restaurants to serve sealed alcoholic beverages — including cocktails — With takeout orders.

A law was passed as part of the budget requiring customers to purchase a “big food item” in order to get a drink. But she did not specify what “essential” meant, forcing the SLA to define the term itself. The updated guidelines further crystallize a procedure that some initially considered ambiguous.

That’s where they come in: Soups, sandwiches, salads, chicken wings, and sausages are all great no matter if they’re “fresh, processed, precooked, or frozen.” A bag of chips, candy or “a handful of lettuce”? Not essential.

The guidelines go on to state that “a bag of chips or a bowl of nuts or candy alone” does not make the cut. It does not affect whether the french fries are big or not.

“Obvious efforts to get around the law, for example, an unreasonably small portion of soup, a serving of canned beans, a handful of lettuce, or a small surcharge for an alcoholic drink in place of a food item that was not actually ordered or delivered are dealt with.” as a violation of the law.”

Depending on the procedure, a violation of the procedure can result in the suspension or revocation of her liquor license after a hearing.

The new directive reflects similar rules issued by the SLA in 2020, when the government was then. Andrew Cuomo temporarily allowed restaurants to serve drinks to go with food purchases during the early days of the COVID pandemic.

At the time, restaurants and bars began placing orders worth $1 of self-branded items such as “Cuomo chips” to try to circumvent a similar rule requiring food to be purchased with any drink order, which in turn forced the SLA to issue directives making food orders clear that they must to be “substantial”.

Meanwhile, the new budget also prohibited restaurants from selling bottled liquor or wine with takeout orders, but did not explicitly include a limit on the volume of takeaway drinks.

The new SLA guidelines attempt to address this issue by defining a bottle as something purchased from a wholesaler that comes in a “bottle, box, can, or other similar container”. It specifically prohibits restaurants and bars from simply pouring a bottle into a new container as a way to circumvent the requirement.

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