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Sky launches budget broadband: Customers offered much lower bills

Sky launches budget broadband: Customers offered much lower bills

Sky has just announced the launch of a new budget broadband plan aimed at helping people who may struggle with the cost of getting online. With the cost of living already rising rapidly and things expected to get worse later this year, this news could not have come at a better time for thousands of families across the UK.

The new plan, called Sky Broadband Basics, costs just £20 per month which is about £5 cheaper than any of the ISP’s other internet packages.

That price includes reasonably fast 36Mbps download speeds that are fast enough to check emails, browse the web, and stream content on services like Netflix or Disney+.

Besides this low price, Sky also promises that customers can leave at any time without facing any penalties. The £20 a month deal runs for 18 months and is available to any existing Sky broadband users who are currently claiming a Universal Credit or pension.

If you’re not already with Sky, don’t panic as the company’s NOW (formerly NOW TV) service offers the same deal to new customers who also claim a Universal Credit or Pension.

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Telecom regulator Ofcom is asking more ISPs to help customers who may be struggling to get online and this update from Sky now means there are more choices for consumers.

Speaking about the significance of these changes, Lindsey Fossil, Group Director of Networks and Communications at Ofcom said: “We have been calling on broadband companies to do more to support cash-strapped customers. So we are pleased that Sky has responded with a special discount for low-income people. We want to see all Service providers are stepping up and offering these packages and promoting them more widely.”

Sky now joins other ISPs already offering lower rates to customers on global credit. Virgin Media has its own Basic Broadband package for £15 per month which includes 15Mbps downloads and BT currently offers a Home Essentials plan for £15 with those who qualify for 60Mbps speeds.

Alongside the launch of its new budget broadband, there’s even more good news for Sky broadband users, as the company has also revealed its new super-fast service called Gigafast.

This package offers customers the opportunity to send the web to their homes at speeds of over 900 Mbps – at such a fast rate, you can download a full HD movie in just 40 seconds.

Sky says its new Gigafast plan will be available to new and existing customers although homes will need to be connected to the latest full fiber technology if they wish to upgrade. If you want to charge your Sky broadband, prices start at £55 a month which sounds exorbitant but is actually around £7 cheaper than Virgin’s premium Gig1 plan.

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