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Peridot for iOS: Everything you need to know

Peridot for iOS: Everything you need to know

Aquamarine walks on the trail
Source: Niantic

Niantic, the company behind the popular mobile game Pokémon GO, is creating an all-new virtual pet simulator for iOS and Android devices. Just like the ancient Tamagotchi and Neopets creatures, you’ll be able to breed these creatures from an egg, take part in activities with them, and can even breed them to unlock new designs. You can even release them into the wild to live among the other spots once they grow up. Although a full launch is still a bit far away, we have some details for you if you are intrigued by this new AR game.

peridot game: lifting and releasing

Peridot on the phone Niantic . activities

Source: iMore

Just like Tamagotchi and Neopets from the ’90s and 2000s, the basic idea behind Peridot is for players to raise creatures known as Peridot (Dots for short) from egg to adulthood. XP points are earned when you interact with them and participate in activities such as searching for food, playing games and searching for hidden treasures. The more XP they get, the more they grow.

Once growth is complete, players have the option to release Dots to live freely among other peridots and can get new eggs to breed. It doesn’t seem to take long for them to mature, so you’ll jump from point to point relatively quickly. This new approach to virtual pet slide could make it one of the best iPhone games out there.

peridot Activities and Augmented Reality

Aquamarine Ar Niantic . Activities

Source: Niantic

Niantic is known for its use of augmented reality (AR), especially in its most popular game, Pokémon GO, where players can take pictures of Pokémon or view them in the real world using their phone’s camera. But augmented reality gets even more impressive inside aquamarine.

Intelligent AR allows Dots to walk with you and can even allow creatures to hide themselves behind objects in the real world. Let’s say you’re hiking and Dot decide to run behind a tree trunk. Dots can also locate buried treasures in the real world by digging into specific places you come across. Other well-known activities include petting the Dot, fulfilling requests for specific items, and of course taking pictures of the cute Peridot as well.

peridot Can points die from neglect?

Unlike some of the original Tamagotchi games, there are no fatal consequences if you fail to feed or take care of a Dot for several days. However, Pokemon GO uses a daily login bonus, and it’s very likely something like this in Peridot as well. So skipping in a few days may prevent you from getting small rewards.


Primordial Niantic Peridot

Source: iMore

There are a number of dots, or archetypes, within the game, each with a unique appearance. Here’s everything we know so far.

  • Kintsugi
  • Rhino
  • Cheetah
  • peacock
  • clown fish
  • joker
  • rabbit
  • Reeds are a decorative material
  • metallic

Aquamarine Preferences

Dots will have different designs, abilities, and inclinations for the food they eat and the locations they want to visit. For example, you might find the first Dot requesting a specific berry over the other types of food within the game, but then your next dot might not like those berries at all.

Aquamarine points of interest: Reproduction and habitat

Peridot Niantic Breeding

Source: iMore

Once a Dot has matured, you will be able to breed it with another dot to get a completely new creature. Dots designs are a mixture of “handcrafted assets and procedural generation”. The idea here is that you’ll want to breed Dots together in order to unlock new types of Dots you haven’t seen before.

Similar to how Pokémon GO pushes players to specific locations in order to access items at PokéStops or fight at Gyms, Peridot will feature Habitats. This is where players can go to unlock their Dots to live with others and where their Dots can find partners to create eggs with them.

You may find mutations inside the nests in Habitats that change Dots designs. However, you may not be able to achieve the new style you are looking for on the first try, which adds to the value of restarting the game. Fortunately, it won’t take long for a new point to mature, so you can run this process fairly quickly if you want to try again.

Once you’ve launched back home, you can go back and visit the released Dots. You can even call them and play with them as if they were young. You can also see other players’ points as well as NPCs which give you plenty of spawn opportunities.

peridot release day

Art Key Niantic Peridot

Source: Niantic

Peridot is set to launch on iOS and Android devices in select markets sometime this month, but the exact release date hasn’t been revealed yet. Anyone interested can pre-register on the Peridot website.

Romantic pets

With aquamarine, players can experience all the allure and joy of owning a pet without the more realistic responsibilities of cleaning up after them. Since the gameplay is all about raising your Dots and then releasing them, there is a lot of replay value as you work to unlock every possible mode within the game.

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