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OMG Announces Responsible Computing | ARC Advisory

OMG Announces Responsible Computing | ARC Advisory

object management group OMG announces Responsible Computing (RC), a new consortium of technology innovators working together to tackle sustainability

Responsible computing
development goals. Responsible computing is a systematic approach aimed at addressing current and future challenges in computing, including sustainability, ethics and professionalism, stemming from the belief that we need to start thinking about technology in terms of its impact on people and the planet.

The new consortium statement outlines RC’s values ​​for restoring trust in information technology by applying technology responsibly and by sharing experiences with other organizations. These values ​​include sustainability, inclusivity, circularity, openness, authenticity and accountability.

The Consortium’s RC Framework focuses on six areas of responsible computing, including:

  • data centers- It is designed and operated with a focus on efficiency and sustainability, including a focus on green energy and improved handling and disposal of chemicals, toxic materials and rare metals.
  • More sustainable infrastructure Monitor energy use of products and technologies. Efficient and more sustainable operations, including proper disposal of products.
  • codeChoosing code that improves environmental, social and economic impact over time. The optimized code includes powerful algorithms, frameworks, tools, and KPIs to speed up the decision-making process and identify areas that require further scrutiny during software development.
  • data usage– Safe use of data will lead to transparency, justice, privacy and respect for users.
  • systems– which tackle bias and discrimination by pushing equality for all, for example, using artificial intelligence (AI) for transparency.
  • EffectTechnologies and innovations that have a positive impact on society as a whole, such as building to improve human conditions and mitigate social risks.

Through interviews with more than 100 CTOs, concerns were raised about developing practical actions to advance ESG programmes. They wanted to contribute to becoming a more sustainable business and to demonstrate progress through consistent metrics. In November 2020, the IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) responded to these challenges and established the Council for Responsible Computing, an international team of technology and computing leaders who collaborate in the validation and implementation of the RC Framework and lead by example in becoming the responsible computing provider. The Object Management Group (OMG) was one of the first members of the board, and shortly thereafter, the OMG board agreed to form an RC consortium.

The organization can become more operationally efficient and show a return on investment (ROI) when sustainability goals are achieved. The return on investment can include:

  • Low power consumption
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Cost effective heating and cooling solutions
  • Supply chain efficiency, and more

RC spans across a broad cross-section of industries, including the consumer, financial services, travel and transportation, insurance, government, energy, environment and utilities, telecommunications and media, and industrial sectors. To learn more about joining RC, click here.

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