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Nordstrom confirms it’s not coming to the Plaza, so what now?

Nordstrom confirms it’s not coming to the Plaza, so what now?

Kansas City, Missouri (KCTV) – An empty lot has been on the western edge of Country Club Plaza for 2.5 years now. Pebbles and grass are chained to a fence hidden by canvas banners that read, “Nordstrom is coming fall 2023.”

After chatter about the deal’s failure, a Nordstrom spokesperson confirmed Tuesday in an email that the store will remain in the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park.

“We no longer have plans to move the Oak Park store to Country Club Plaza,” the spokesperson wrote. “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers in the Kansas City community of Oak Park.”

KCTV5 stopped at the Plaza to ask people in the area what they would like to see at its venue. Their preference tends to differ based on whether they live and work in the area or only visit it.

Most of them said anything but a retail clothing store, department store, or something else.

“We have good restaurants and good bars, but shopping definitely won’t bring anyone here,” Ben Gruber said.

“People shop online. They don’t shop in person, so an entertainment or experience venue would make more sense,” Amber Litteken said.

One woman, who said it was her first time back to the Plaza since racial justice marches in 2020 that briefly turned into riots, noted that the attraction she’s brought to the area in years past has been the movie theater.

A portion of the former Cinemark Palace on the front of the Plaza Theater is still intact, if empty. Another part of the theater that was across from an overpass was demolished in 2019, along with a bank, restaurant and parking garage, to make way for retail.

Nordstrom initially announced its move to the Plaza in 2018, with expectations of opening an 116,000-square-foot store in 2021. Since then, more and more storefronts have darkened.

“I feel like they took the cinema from Nordstrom. Brittany Bomer suggested they should put some sort of adult entertainment space in there.” “Obviously there isn’t enough room for like Top Golf but maybe, I don’t know, like a bowling alley or something the grown-ups can come in. to him and have fun.”

A woman who lives and works nearby gleefully shrieked the name of a retailer that usually takes on a larger footprint than is available as a viable alternative.

“Goal would be great,” said Amanda Bose. “I actually live three blocks high this way and there’s no good grocery store anywhere nearby. So having something to go to and get your non-perishables isn’t a picnic to Whole Foods that would be great.”

Taubman and Macerich, owners of Country Club Plaza, have yet to indicate how they plan to use the space in the future.

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