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Kenyan Startup Partners With AI-Powered Crypto Rating Platform, Evai

Kenyan Startup Partners With AI-Powered Crypto Rating Platform, Evai

Bitlipa is a Kenyan startup that allows users to convert Kenya shillings into Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin, and vice versa. It is taking advantage of the M-Pesa mobile payments app for customers who are moving into the world of cryptocurrency, and for external customers to return to the world of fiat currencies.

According to a recent survey by crypto exchange Gemini, around 54 percent of Kenyan respondents believe that cryptocurrency is the future of money. These Kenyans also mentioned that they believe that cryptocurrency is an excellent way to protect against inflation and diversify assets. Kenya leads the world in peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading, and Bitlipa is looking to boost cryptocurrency trading by improving crypto-analysis methods.

Evai is an AI-powered crypto rating platform that aims to help people make smarter crypto investment decisions with less risk. Evai has developed industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that continually evaluates and assigns unbiased valuations to crypto assets based on peer-reviewed financial research and economic modeling.

The partnership seeks to provide Bitlipa users with free access to the Evai rating platform. This will be achieved by distributing 20 Evai tokens to 2,000 lucky Bitlipa users, which will be locked for at least a year. This means that Bitlipa users will be able to trade cryptocurrencies using the Evai ratings and access free educational materials on the Evai platform. This may lead to better trading decisions and higher returns for Bitlipa users.

Bitlipa will benefit by adding more value to its platform and its users while Evai will benefit by expanding its user base to Kenya and eventually the whole of Africa. Airdrop recipients will get free access to the platform for a year thus bypassing the $49 monthly subscription fee charged by Evai.

Evai ranks crypto projects with A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, D, and U where A1 represents a coin or token for cryptocurrency while D and U represent distressed, uncorrectable crypto. The AI-powered Evai platform uses liquidity, sentiment, volatility, momentum, utility, behavioral bias, hyper-expansion, market risk, and market capitalization to give an unbiased rating of over a thousand crypto projects.

According to a recent article by Bitcoin news platform, Kenyans have lost an estimated $120 million due to crypto-related scams. The partnership between Bitlipa and Evai will enable Kenyans to distinguish between secure crypto projects and scams. This is an important step towards building trust in blockchain-based projects and accelerating cryptocurrency adoption.

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