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Internet Cooks Up Stories to Mock LinkedIn’s Obsession With ‘Inspirational’ Posts

Internet Cooks Up Stories to Mock LinkedIn's Obsession With 'Inspirational' Posts

Branding to motivate LinkedIn users often ends up having the exact opposite effect, glorifying a bustling culture that isn’t all that. As burnout among young employees is on the rise, people have decided to post a LinkedIn Roast that takes the usual “inspirational” posts and amplifies them to comedic effect. Success stories don’t have to be weird, since no good job goes unpunished in company culture, which you wouldn’t believe if LinkedIn success stories were your criteria. This is exactly what some Twitter users were making fun of in a viral thread. From company founders relocating to the Himalayas just recognizing the intelligence of a potential employee to increasing people’s workload based on empathy, here are some of the fake stories people posted on LinkedIn.

Motivational stories can be, needlessly, motivational, but when people fail to take into account the fact that not everyone has the same 24 hours, things can get messy. For example, Kim Kardashian recently sparked a storm when she told Variety that women need to work harder. In the interview, where she came to promote her new family TV show, she regretted that people didn’t seem to want to work for their money. “Get up and work,” Kim said. “Nobody seems to want to work these days.” All this while no two seasons in the world have the same 24 hours, and Kim herself celebrated her 40th birthday on a special tropical island during the pandemic when millions were infected with Covid-19.

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