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I don’t want to go anywhere near Mark Zuckerberg’s VR home office

I don't want to go anywhere near Mark Zuckerberg's VR home office

Many of us have become familiar with the concept of a home office over the past couple of years, thanks to the pandemic (you’ve probably heard of it). But one person who is clearly unfamiliar with the kind of space normal humans work in is Mark Zuckerberg – if the Meta Quest’s new “home office” space is anything to go through, that is.

Zuckerberg himself announced the new feature on Facebook yesterday, along with a 360-degree virtual tour of the space. It’s a place for users to “take Messenger calls, read emails, or work on your next big project” – but based on what it looks like, the metaverse office isn’t for me. (Want to try it out for yourself? Check out the best deals from Quest 2.)

Like the kind of place where you wait to get an expensive root canal treatment, Quest’s “home office” feels more like a communal waiting room than a real home. Everything is horribly symmetrical, and like Zuckerberg himself, somewhat wooden. But hey, why hop on the best desks and the best office chairs when you can simply buy a VR headset and step into this grim reality?

Meta Quest VR Home Office

looks comfortable (Image credit: meta)

There’s the least comfortable looking lounge area I’ve ever seen, consisting of a blanket and pillow atop a solid wood bench (it makes me sleepy just looking at it!). Then there’s a much more terrifying 3D “artwork” (I think?) made up of leaves and leaves that seem to be exploding into space. And the massive windows allow for some great views – of overly saturated forests. I can’t imagine anyone, except perhaps a Bond villain, stepping into this space and feeling right at home.

Meta Quest VR Home Office

#art (Image credit: meta)

“More people are using VR headsets instead of computers, and updates like this make it easier to be productive no matter where you are,” Zuckerberg says. (Opens in a new tab). But Meta’s foray into the realm of virtual reality hasn’t been received so brilliantly yet — fans of the company’s Oculus brand haven’t enjoyed stamping its name all over the Quest.

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