Hannity Slams ‘Idiot’ Jim Cramer Over Inflation Comments

Hannity Slams 'Idiot' Jim Cramer Over Inflation Comments

Sean Hannity swipe in Jim Cramer On Tuesday, after the CNBC host noted that inflation had peaked.

On Tuesday, inflation in March was reported to be 8.5% year-on-year. It’s the highest number since 1981. Despite this, Cramer said he can make the argument that inflation will fall.

“Overall, I think people will start to prove — and the market — that this is another bad number,” he said.

Kramer later added, “The shipments are going in the right direction, the used car is going in the right direction. You don’t have food going right yet. Hourly wages may be at their peak. You obviously have mortgages slowing down… I can make a strong case because we might We are seeing peak inflation in many different areas.”

That night, Hannity played a montage of clips of Biden administration officials insisting since last spring that inflationary pressure is “temporary.”

The host accused the media of repeating the fleeting “lying”.

“The media mob is more than happy with their coverage,” he said. “One example: For months, a CNBC analyst — do you know this guy Jim Kramer at CNBC? — faithfully told his viewers that inflation had officially peaked only to be proven wrong over and over again.”

While Hannity spoke, an article excerpt from February appeared on screen indicating that Cramer suggested that inflation may have peaked.

“He just kept getting things wrong,” Hannity continued. “And as usual, Jim Cramer, he looks kind of foolish and inflation keeps going up, and I have a question: You watched the show, money mad, I think he calls it. Why anyone would take financial advice from this man is beyond any understanding I actually have.”

Back in February, Cramer didn’t quite say inflation had peaked. Instead, he described it as “unsustainable”.

“But I also think that when you see this kind of number, you have to wonder how sustainable it is. It’s not sustainable,” the CNBC host said with regard to data showing 7.5% inflation in January on an annual basis. It’s too high.”

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