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CliniSys acquires ApolloLIMS | Scientific Computing World

CliniSys announced that it has acquired ApolloLIMS, a laboratory information management systems provider based in Nashville, Tennessee, with specialized expertise in clinical medicine, public health, toxicology and molecular diagnostics.

The ApolloLIMS team will join CliniSys, bringing their industry expertise, knowledge and proven technology offerings. The announcement underscores an important step toward realizing CliniSys’ vision to enable a new wave of digital and community laboratory diagnostics, encompassing the environmental laboratory testing, water quality, public health, toxicology, and agricultural markets.

Michael Simpson, CEO of CliniSys comments: ‘ApolloLIMS and its team bring tremendous expertise to CliniSys. Not only will they help expand our knowledge of diagnosis in and out of the clinical laboratory, but they share our deep belief that the future of digital diagnosis lies in the cloud. With the addition of ApolloLIMS, we are now ready to seize new opportunities to rapidly expand our offerings in community and public health diagnostics, and to help better track and prevent disease.

All existing ApolloLIMS customers will continue to be supported as usual. Over time, the ApolloLIMS solution will be integrated into the CliniSys product family as the company accelerates its roadmap for the next generation of SaaS product strategy.

Eric Dingfelder, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Horizon and ApolloLIMS (CliniSysGroup Companies), added: “The diverse expertise at ApolloLIMS helps us push the boundaries of the diagnostics market and empower organizations and governments to better combat the spread of disease. Modern laboratories need the best technology platforms to streamline workflows and improve disease surveillance. Joining CliniSys secures ApolloLIMS customers in that future.

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