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Autistic Man Tells Amazing Story Of How Valve Helped Change His Life

Autistic Man Tells Amazing Story Of How Valve Helped Change His Life

The possibilities of virtual reality are endless. Games can undoubtedly make the experience more immersive – this Horizon Zero Dawn The VR mod is just one incredible example. Moreover, it can also prove to be revolutionary when it comes to accessibility.

In recent years, discussions about accessibility in the gaming space have become more and more popular with developers striving to include more customizable options within the game to cater to a wider audience. However, Reddit user SparkMyke posted a video (reposted to r/Virtual Reality by u/RememberMementoMori) of a man who revealed that it was actually a VR headset gifted to him by developer Valve that helped him change his life wholeheartedly.

Take a look at this collection of epic VR moments below.

SparkMyke posted a VR clip in which a man recounts how his life has changed in the past two years since accepting the headset. By using the Valve Index headset for six to eight hours a day, the man – with autism – found a new community to connect with in a world that now “fits in.” [him]”.

“I am 51 years old, so I am probably one of the oldest people you can talk to here. They started me around a while ago.” I can’t leave my house very well. My mind doesn’t fit in with the world out there but here [virtual reality] I can meet people and that’s very cool.”

“Valve actually gave me this,” he continued. “I have severe autism and virtual reality allows me to be here… I’ve worked with Valve for about two years and give long-term feedback because I usually use VR for six to eight hours a day.”

The man explained how the virtual reality set changed his life, and continued, “I can take off the headset and go back to the real world. Now, the real world is part of my safe space but in virtual reality I can be anywhere, I can be anyone, and I can communicate With people all over the world and when you’re autistic, when you have social issues, and you can’t relate to people easily, the real world doesn’t work for you and this world works for me.”

Technology certainly has its drawbacks, but there’s no denying that moments like these are good and really make up for it.

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