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Anonymous drops update on its cyberwar waged against Russia and Putin

Anonymous drops update on its cyberwar waged against Russia and Putin

Anonymous announced the beginning of a cyberwar with Russia when Putin’s forces began invading Ukraine, and now the group has another update for the public.

Taking to its official Anonymous Twitter account, the hacking group vowed that it would not stop its cyberwar with the Kremlin until Russia completely stopped its aggression. The latest update comes after several previous updates of Anonymous which revealed that it had leaked the personal data of 120,000 Russian soldiers (April 3), hacked the Central Bank of Russia and 35,000 files stolen (March 24).

Notably, Anonymous also alleged that it hacked Russian broadcasting services Wink and Ivi and direct TV channels such as Russia 24, Channel One and Moscow 24 to broadcast war footage from Ukraine to show the horrors of Putin’s invasion of Russian citizens. Furthermore, the hacking group said it hacked a censorship agency, government, corporate and news websites.

All of these announcements are examples of the cyberwar that Anonymous has launched against Russia, and as long as the invasion continues, we can expect the mass hacking group to continue to cause many problems and headaches across Russia.

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