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Among Us VR Release Date Potentially Leaks

Among Us VR Release Date Potentially Leaks

It seems that the release date of the VR version of Between us It may have leaked early. Developer InnerSloth first announced at the end of 2021 that it was working VR . BETWEEN US For PlayStation, Steam and Oculus (now Meta) headsets. While details about the title have been scattered since that time, it now appears that we have a better idea of ​​when to expect this new iteration of Between us to launch it already.

Seen on SteamDB page for VR . BETWEEN US (Spotted by Reddit), A release date for the game was recently set for November 10, 2022. This date is actually a Thursday, which means it’s an unusual day for the game to start. Normally, most releases seem to happen on Tuesdays or Fridays at this time. There is also absolutely no guarantee that this date is accurate when exiting SteamDB alone, so take this with caution for the time being.

One reason why is this VR . BETWEEN US The release date may be accurate, however, as we already know that we are due to receive some news about the project soon. InnerSloth announced two weeks ago that it would be participating in the upcoming Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, which is hosted by Meta this month on April 20. This event will reveal some new details about what VR . BETWEEN US It will be in store, which means that the launch date can also be announced at this place. It remains to be seen if a date will be revealed, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop this time next week as soon as the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase comes out.

Are you interested in playing Between us For yourself when it comes to VR headsets? And if so, do you think the leaked release date might be accurate? Share your thoughts with me either in the comments or connect via Twitter at Trustworthy.

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