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Airline staffing problems leaving passengers stranded

Airline staffing problems leaving passengers stranded

Port Charlotte

Many airlines are having problems with staffing which leaves some passengers stranded or not traveling on their flights at all.

One airline is doing what it can to change this trend. Troubled times require desperate measures. Allegiant Air needs to hire people and fast. Therefore, the company has partnered with CareerSource to hold a job fair. And because times are so tough, Allegiant took the dramatic step of canceling every but one trip to Raleigh, North Carolina, for the month of May.

Now people have to make other arrangements. Every trip these days is a gamble. Will the plane arrive? Will the crew arrive? Or will your flight be delayed for cancellation?

WINK News interviewed Tracy who was traveling from Philadelphia. “It disrupts your day. You’re supposed to show up at 1 a.m., now you’re coming in at 6 a.m. and now your whole day is in ruins,” Tracy said.

Lynn Lazos was heading to New York. “You were first supposed to leave a little earlier and then they say,” Lazos said.

William Mitriko was heading to Ohio. “He was shown on time, and then I would correctly find out that I was going to the gate. He would say he was late,” Mitterko said.

If you name an airline, it’s likely that you’ve been late for flights within the past month. Southwest and JetBlue blamed service issues. American Airlines blamed the weather. But mostly, they simply don’t have people to work with.

Mitriko knows the struggle well. “It’s just as awful as the last 5 flights I’ve taken, all the airlines were different.. Spirit of Borders United all canceled,” Mitterko said.

He finally made it to southwest Florida but when will he be back home? He said, “Fingers crossed.”

On Tuesday, Allegiant hosted job fairs so the airline could fill more than 200 positions at Punta Gorda Airport alone. Angela Colhurst works with Allegiant Air. Colehurst said, “The only way we can maintain the quality of the business, is to keep people out there and working.”

The Allegiant will hold job fairs again on Wednesday and next week, and of course it can continue after that until all jobs are filled.

So, travel at your own risk until every airline solves their labor crisis.

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